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Actionable Insights that Drive Sales!

The underlying philosophy that guided our development of the platform was very simple: A/B everything! Instead of using outdated assumptions, or overly general data, sales teams (and company revenue) can benefit by exhaustive data analysis to identify the factors that make conversations more or less successful. Very few companies have the machine learning resources and immense, multi-variate data sets required to provide specific, actionable insights to sales personnel. But, RapportBoost does. We are able to test long-held assumptions about best practices and can quantitatively tell your organization where they are missing opportunities, AND (more importantly) how to capture these sales that would otherwise be lost.

Build 1:1 Rapport, Automatically

live chat conversation dataBy feeding more and more live chat conversation data into our machine learning algorithms, RapportBoost’s artificial intelligence becomes capable of exploring even more detailed variable combinations (i.e. whether three exclamation marks work better
than one). Our machine learning engine can also group visitors based on their demographics and the personalities that they exhibit as they interact with agents through the platform. It then identifies the type of language that resonates most effectively with each type of customer and recommends it to the live chat agent.

The System Gets Smarter And Learns More

live chat conversation dataRapportBoost’s artificial intelligence enabled platform is able to use all of these tools to A/B test different styles, tones, and approaches to the conversation simultaneously. By issuing scores, providing feedback, or offering up an auto-correction and then comparing its observed impact to its predicted impact, we create a closed loop system where the engine learns continuously about: (1) how best to present this information to the chat agent so that they follow the recommendations; and (2) when that recommended action resonates most with the end consumer. That approach is the ONLY way to establish a truly causal relationship between outgoing message and conversation outcome since any type of retrospective analysis is inevitably correlational. Over time–with more live chat conversation data–the system gets smarter and learns what yields the biggest on KPIs important to the business.

The Precision of Machine Learning

At the core of RapportBoost’s proprietary technology is a machine learning engine that facilitates the extraction hundreds of thousands of signals from the unstructured text in live chat conversation data, calculating variables that measure message tone, sentiment, length, timing, presence / absence of specific keywords, use of first-person pronouns, proper spelling / grammar / capitalization, use of question and exclamation marks, and countless others. By providing the machine learning engine with a “success” score for each conversation – for example, a net promoter score or a conversion flag – it automatically calculates: (1) which variables are the strongest drivers of the outcome metric; and (2) the direction and size of the effect that each one has on the “success” of the conversation.

Learn more about the live chat agent training solutions from the team at RapportBoost.

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