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RapportBoost’s Live Chat Optimization Services

We work with brands who sell online to optimize live chat sales for their web chat agents. Our clients can expect to see a significant lift in their:

  • web conversion rates
  • average order size
  • lifetime customer value
  • retention rate
  • customer satisfaction
  • lead conversion rates

RapportBoost’s platform can be configured to measure and improve any chat-related outcome important to our clients’ businesses. We optimize live chat sales in three phases:

Phase 1: Chat Sales Diagnostic!  Our team starts by partnering with our clients for a 90-day live chat optimization project where our data scientists perform multivariate analyses of client-to-customer chat communications using our proprietary machine learning algorithms. Our clients simply provide us an export of their chat logs with each conversation tied to a particular outcome they want to optimize (like a sale, conversion, or save). Then, our team of data scientists and our artificial intelligence technology get to work! While our data scientists analyze the data, our team of business analysts looks deeper into what drives particular economic outcomes for each client. Along 90 day journey, we work hard in the background with math and try hard to minimize disruptions to our clients’ operational teams. We usually require only a mid-level point of contact that can help us answer questions along the way, so we can refine our findings according to the specific use of language (like unique product names or unique language related to certain unique trends we spot).

We then present our Phase 1 diagnostic to our clients in the form of specific, actionable insights to help them optimize live chat sales. This usually takes the form of 10 to 30 findings such as: “if your live chat agents to 10% more of XYZ, your live chat revenue will go up [20]%. We have discovered that communications from even the best managed, most tech-enabled and highest performing live chat teams can be further optimized with our artificial intelligence–and perform 25%+ better–with less direct management involvement or in-house training. Our goal is to increase client profitability while reducing their need to micro-manage and training their live chat sales teams.

Phase 2: Automated Training!  We automate the findings of our Phase 1 diagnostic to help our client’s management team implement those specific live chat techniques and train their team. It’s easy and fun! RapportBoost quantifies success and reduces the constant need for managers to dig through chat logs to find anecdotal examples of good and bad chat conversations from which to train their agents. We deliver an objective, outcome-based weekly email report to client management which reduces the burden of training, quantifies successful live chat communications and optimizes live chat sales for their entire team. This automated training can be done on an agent by agent basis.

We enjoy learning about our client’s businesses and helping them turn our insights into their revenue growth. In Phase 2 the RapportBoost team combines the results of our Phase 1 diagnostic with the human workflow of our clients business. We continuously drive and monitor increases in our clients’ most important KPIs, like conversion rate, average order size, and lifetime customer value.

Phase 3: Real-Time Live Chat Guidance!  We further automate the machine learning assistance we provide to live chat teams by integrating with their live chat platforms to optimize the real-time communications of our clients’ agents and their customers. RapportBoost’s focus on the emotional intelligence of the real-time sales agent with their customers provides a significant benefit to management by reducing the need for oversight and training. Live chat agents improving their performance through easy-to-use and engaging AI-enabled gamification of the emotional aspects of communication. And, our clients benefit through significant increases in revenue and reductions in cost.

Our Technology: RapportBoost’s artificial intelligence enabled platform is able to use all of these tools to run multivariate tests on different styles, tones, and approaches to the live chat conversation simultaneously. By issuing scores, providing feedback, or offering up an auto-correction and then comparing its observed impact to its predicted impact, we create a closed loop system where the engine learns continuously about: (1) how best to present this information to the chat agent so that they follow the recommendations; and (2) when that recommended action resonates most with the end consumer. That approach is the ONLY way to establish a truly causal relationship between outgoing message and conversation outcome since any type of retrospective analysis is inevitably correlational. Over time, our machine learning algorithms get smarter and learn more detail about the objective truth regarding what resonates most with customers and ultimately yields the biggest improvement in whatever KPIs are most valuable by our client.

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