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Software Engineer in Venice, CA

Software Engineer in Venice, CA

Venice Canals, Los Angeles

We are looking for an entrepreneurial Software Engineer in Venice, CA that is comfortable in a rapidly changing, early stage start-up environment. There may be an opportunity for the right candidate to start part-time or as a consultant and transition to full time in 2-4 months.

Our ideal candidate is ready to help build an exciting product in the AI / Conversational Commerce space, and is a hands-on coder with a deep understanding of web apps, SaaS, Python, and JavaScript.

Preferred Experience:

  • Success building a web app from the ground up (e.g. selecting and setting up a database, interacting with the database using an ORM, working with Apache/Nginx)
  • Understanding of multiple programming paradigms including procedural, functional, and object-oriented
  • 2-5 years of software development experience, preferably in a rapidly changing company where performance and scalability were paramount
  • Specific experience deploying, securing and scaling databases
  • Proven ability to build relationships and work positively with individuals at all levels and ability to understand key concepts and communicate with technical staff, lines of business
  • Success leading the architecture and launch of high-performance customer-facing applications using prototypes and customer input as guidelines
  • B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or similar field
  • Django or another well-established Python web framework
  • Success building a messaging app or projects related to conversational commerce, call centers, live chat, marketing / sales automation, or bots
  • Knowledge of MySQL/Postgres, Docker, Spark or another computer cluster framework

Please send resume and cover letter to:

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