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The RapportBoost.AI Machine Augmented Conversational Intelligence™ platform uncovers the drivers of successful conversations between brands and customers. We train chat agents to build better rapport and have more engaging and profitable conversations.

Short-form chat conversations are fundamentally different from voice or long-form conversations such as email. Live chat agent communications present a new set of challenges fundamentally different from those posed decades ago by static, one-way marketing endeavors like website landing page optimization or outbound email blasts.

Rather than relying on outdated best practices for customer acquisition channels, stale training curricula for email communication or generalized chat insights pulled from CRM software, our customized AI platform delivers precise, unbiased recommendations for your brand based on what works for your audience.


Our Mission

To enable better digital communication between brands and customers.

We help brands reduce churn, increase conversion rates, and build stronger relationships with customers through live chat and messaging.

Our Story

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RapportBoost.AI began with an astute observation by our Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder, Dr. Michael Housman: chat was becoming ubiquitous and it was fundamentally different from email or voice communication.

Anyone who has texted a millennial knows the uniqueness of conversations in this channel. Dr. Housman realized that Data Science could help brands determine how to communicate in this new context while properly training human agents to build rapport with their customers.

Companies were faced with a challenge and an opportunity. Those that could leverage chat to provide a superior customer experience could drive business and achieve unprecedented gains. Although many turned to bots, the AI behind them proved to be incapable of handling customer interactions.

RapportBoost.AI set upon the task of creating a human-in-the-loop solution for improving chat conversations for online brands. Its goal was to build a series of algorithms and models that could reverse-engineer an effective conversation and to later deploy that embedded intelligence to humans.

Two years later, RapportBoost.AI successfully developed a suite of AI-powered solutions to optimize live chat and messaging. Our first customer, an e-commerce brand, achieved double-digit gains in revenue through a 7.6% increase in order size and a 7.8% increase in conversion rate.

Our most recent customer doubled its conversion rate on a week-to-week analysis and achieved significant operational gains. Their live chat agents reported a better work experience thanks to precise, effective instruction, allowing them to decrease handle time by 30%.

RapportBoost.AI is currently developing real-time corrective software, custom training modules, and an interactive dashboard.

Programs and Awards

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We'll help your chat team and individual agents boost conversions, revenue, and customer satisfaction.