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Interview with Kaye Chapman: Chat With Emotional Intelligence

As Augmented Intelligence transforms the workforce, emotional understanding is proving to be an essential component of brands’ interactions with their customers. After discussing live chat agent training in Part One of our Interview Series, we asked Kaye Chapman, Customer Experience and Training Specialist at Comm100, to shed light on the best strategies for chatting with…

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Interview with Kaye Chapman: Live Chat Data Is the Key to QA

The bounty of live chat data that this channel produces is the perfect tool for tracking the success of optimization. After all, with a sound live chat implementation, what matters most at the end of the day is how customers respond. In our final installment of our Interview Series with Kaye Chapman, Customer Experience and…

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Interview with Kaye Chapman: Live Chat Agent Training Drives CX

Live chat agent training is one of the most innovative spaces in today’s customer experience ecosystem. From canned responses to augmented intelligence, companies are training their live chat agents with technology more than ever before. We sat down with Kaye Chapman, Customer Experience and Training Specialist at Comm100, to talk about leveraging live chat agent…

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RapportBoost.AI Chief Data Scientist to Present at Singularity University Accenture Program April 24

– Michael Housman, Ph.D., will discuss the proper ways to leverage Augmented Intelligence for enhanced customer experience – Los Angeles, CA. Apr. 23, 2018 – Dr. Michael Housman, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist of RapportBoost.AI, a Los Angeles based Augmented Intelligence start-up that utilizes machine learning to help boost the performance of live chat agents…

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CEO Tony Medrano on Chat Agent Coaching at Shoptalk 2018

At Shoptalk 2018, RapportBoost.AI had an awesome time discussing chat agent coaching with key players in the customer experience and digital marketing space. In this video, customer experience pioneer and thought leader, Bryan Eisenberg, interviews Tony Medrano, CEO and Co-founder of RapportBoost.AI, about optimizing short-form communication.     Transcript: BE: Hi everyone, this is Bryan Eisenberg…

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Customer Support Chat: Critical Do’s and Don’ts for Brands

Dani Apgar, RapportBoost.AI Co-Founder and EVP of Sales & Customer Success presents a TechTalk at Shoptalk 2018 on using live chat for customer acquisition. Titled “Critical Do’s & Don’ts for Brands”, this TechTalk gives crucial insight into boosting customer support chat conversions without sacrificing brand equity.     Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today. My…

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How to Master Customer Experience Optimization: An Interview with Dean Shaw (3 of 3)

Throughout our interview series with Dean Shaw, Global Program Manager at SAS, we’ve covered a diversity of topics including live chat customer engagement and live chat lead generation. In the third and final installment of our series, we discuss customer experience optimization and the importance of focusing on ‘Little Data’ before going big. RB.AI: Are there common pitfalls…

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RapportBoost.AI to Deliver TechTalk on Using AI in Live Chat for Customer Acquisition at Shoptalk 2018

Dani Apgar, Co-Founder and EVP of Sales & Customer Success to Present Critical Do’s & Don’ts for Brands Mar. 15, 2018 – RapportBoost.AI, a Los Angeles based start-up that applies artificial intelligence to conversational commerce, will present a TechTalk at the Shoptalk 2018 conference on Tuesday, March 20th at 3:20 pm at the Venetian in Las Vegas. The company will also showcase…

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