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Posts by Dr. Michael Housman

Live Chat: To script or not to script

Chat scripts are a handy tool, especially for chat agents who find themselves often responding to related customer inquiries. Saving pre-formulated responses allow live chat agents to shorten response times, cut down on repetitive typing, and prevent sneaky typos that arise in tandem with chat volume. Chat scripts, or canned responses, help companies ensure quality…

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In online chat, one size does not fit all

Many of our clients describe a conundrum they face with their live chat team. While they want agents to represent the brand consistently and professionally, they recognize that these people must possess the latitude to show authenticity and go “off script” to build genuine connections. That means employing a “one-size-fits-all” approach for nearly any organization…

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Four Types of Bots Used for Customer Chat

Whether you’ve been contacting your cable provider or seeking assistance from an online retailer, chances are you’ve come across a bot used for customer chat. Telltale signs include rapid-fire response time, generic language, and a lack of the pleasantries we’re accustomed to using in human conversation. If you’re lucky, the bot will let you know…

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Augmented Intelligence Is a Better Way to Describe AI

At RapportBoost.AI, we hear a lot of talk about artificial intelligence, and to be honest, most of it is hype. In fact, a scary part of the AI startup ecosystem is that there’s no regulatory board that’s actually kicking the tires of different companies to verify that their technology is AI. To add insult to…

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Live Chat Benefits and Challenges for Online Brands

It’s the age of conversational commerce, and the numbers are in: live chat holds unprecedented sales and customer service potential for companies and customers alike. But like any new technology, live chat benefits come with challenges. Live chat benefits online brands because it’s more efficient than traditional call centers or email support. Thanks to the built-in chat routing features of live chat companies such as Zendesk Chat, Olark, LiveChat, Inc., and Intercom, agents can partake in multiple conversations at once as determined by their experience and availability.

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How Do Brands Get Started with AI? General Assembly Hosts Michael Housman

General Assembly hosts Michael Housman for a webinar about marketing and AI as he fields the frequently asked question, how do brands get started with AI? To recap, the three things any brand needs to get started with AI are: (1) KPI Outcomes – what you’re trying to predict; (2) Customer Data – individualized, not aggregated; (3) Connectors between KPI Outcomes and Customer Data – this is where RapportBoost.AI steps in. Our team of data scientists helps at every stage of this process and can work with any data set – no matter how great or small.

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Can AI Automate Live Chat? General Assembly Hosts Michael Housman

Dr. Michael Housman, Chief Data Scientist at RapportBoost.AI, speaks to General Assembly about how AI can automate live chat, and in the process, boost the KPIs that are most important to your brand. “Chat is a medium that’s being used more and more by companies that are engaging consumers directly, and they’re finding that it’s a great…

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The Key to Live Chat? Your Unstructured Data.

Co-authored by Michael Housman, Chief Data Scientist and Meredith Lackey, Creative Director at RapportBoost.AI. Leveraging Big Data promises big things, from cost-savings to revenue boosts and organizational efficiency. But the road to get there is shrouded in mystery. Academia is producing professionals that can do the heavy lifting, but the enterprise is just beginning to promote…

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Natural Language: How We Speak and Who We Are

Dr. Michael Housman and Dr. James Pennebaker talk about the power of words. What does natural language – the way we use pronouns, content words, exclusionary words, and prepositions – say about us? Transcript: Dr. Michael Housman: Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in. My name is Mike Housman, and I am your host. I am…

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