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Senior Data Scientist

Venice CA

RapportBoost.AI, an early-stage technology company headquartered in Los Angeles and led by a stand-out team that has successfully navigated their previous companies to multi-million dollar acquisitions, seeks an exceptional data science leader. Using state-of-the-art technologies and a proprietary methodology, the company seeks to revolutionize the way that companies build relationships with their customers. Data science is core to our goal: replacing the gut instinct and intuition of front-line human agents with a novel approach to establishing rapport and building connections that is data-driven, evidence-based, and customized to the persona of the end user.

Based in Los Angeles and backed by top-tier investors, we’ve built a world-class team, and you’ll get access to a world-class network. Tony Medrano, Co-founder and CEO, has built several successful SaaS companies and led them to acquisition. Michael Housman, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, previously architected a predictive analytics platform focused on optimizing human resource decisions, which was acquired by a large public software company. Our advisors include the former CIO of Chevron, the CTO at Vista Partners, and leading academics.

The opportunity and market is proven: by 2020, conversational commerce will be a $600 billion market. As more and more companies shift to the use of chat and messaging to engage customers – especially through the adoption of chatbots – we believe that they will struggle to pick up on subtle conversational cues that are present in voice or face-to-face interactions. RapportBoost.AI turbo-charges those conversations by providing operators with more emotional intelligence by optimizing the conversation. Our platform yields double-digit percent increases across a variety of KPIs – conversion rates, order size, customer satisfaction – and yields millions in untapped revenue.

In this role, you will manage a team of data scientists that are responsible for the design and development of all data science and predictive analytics functions across the company. You will lead a team from day one, and have access to several company advisors who are among the world’s most respected economists and natural language processing experts. You will have new challenges to solve every day, as much responsibility as you can handle, and a meaningful equity stake in a business that has already demonstrated potential to multiply exponentially in value. And you’ll also have a hand in architecting more natural and engaging conversations with human operators with the ultimate goal of helping bots feel more human.

You have:

  • MS or PhD in Economics (preferred focus in Econometrics), Computer Science, Math, Operations Research, or equivalent
  • 5-10 years experience developing and delivering world-class predictive models and/or related software
  • Experience running the teams that built the models referred to above
  • Built and shipped production code for algorithms that operate at scale
  • The traits we value most highly: accountability, resourcefulness, resilience, and self-direction
  • Experience working with natural language processing tools and analyzing large volumes of unstructured data (not required but desired)
  • Residence in or willingness to relocate to the Los Angeles area

You will:

  • Build and score in real time the predictive models and algorithms that will drive this business
  • Know which methods and models to use and how best to apply, test, and optimize them
  • Hire, manage, nurture, and drive a team of elite data scientists
  • Develop the core architecture for the data science platform and develop and maintain all databases
  • Use a variety of tools: (ideally) Python, R, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, RabbitMQ, etc.
  • Continually identify and explore different external datasets and APIs to improve predictive accuracy
  • Apply novel approaches and deep-learning techniques to mine unstructured text
  • Be an evangelist, spokesperson, and expert, internally and externally

Please send resume and cover letter to: [email protected].

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