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The Value Of EQ: Bringing Emotional Intelligence To AI

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Transcribed from Dr. Michael Housman’s Lecture at UC Berkeley Business School in May 2017.

Mike: So EQ is essentially emotional intelligence, right? According to some theories there are different forms of intelligence —we all think of it as book smart or people smart – but there are people we all know who are just very very adept— I’m sure there are people in this room who are just really good at picking up on subtle cues. On interrelating with people, building relationships, some people are really really good at that stuff. I’m not one of those. I tend to be more academic, but I think this is a learnable skill or at least something that with tools we can all get better at, right? So the idea is that when you are talking to someone and you are interacting there’s kind of two things occurring, right? There’s information being transferred back and forth but there’s also these subtle nuances, there’s rapport building, right?

I’m interacting with you, I’m taking note of your physical queues, your body language, your tonality and I’m engaging with you and kind of mirroring those. Some are better at that, some are worse at that. All the bot makers that are out there, they’re really focused on the content, they’re really ensuring that when someone asks a question I deliver the right content to them, so that I’ve answered their question, I made them happy, what we saw is that no one is thinking about EQ, or emotional intelligence, and what I’ll show in a second is that EQ matters more to you in terms of that interaction and its outcome than the actual information that was conveyed right? Whether I walk away happy or sad, it’s not, as much a matter of if I got that question answered, is really a matter of did that person relate to me and make me feel like I was valued and cherished and did we build a relationship? And so that’s the value proposition for RapportBoost – we’re providing emotional and intelligence to conversational commerce. The idea is we use machine learning, you hand us large corpus of data, chat and messaging data, you hand us some metric of suggest, some KPI indicating did someone turn? Did they buy a product? Did they give a positive satisfaction score? And what we ultimate do is we train our algorithms to help human agents be more human, to help them engage with customers and provide better experiences, and ultimately the long term goal is not just to help humans, it’s to help machines, we’re gonna take everything we learn from our human agents and we’re working with a lot of them now and we’re gonna tell them how to engage with you in a more authentic way.

RapportBoost is adding the EQ to AI.

Learn more about emotional intelligence from the team at RapportBoost.



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