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Why the Explosion in AI? General Assembly Hosts Michael Housman

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General Assembly hosts Michael Housman as he explains the three driving forces behind the explosion in AI: hardware, open source frameworks, and data scientists primed to tackle some of today's most complex problems.

"When we see explosions like we have in AI we look to exponential growth curves, where we’re seeing a doubling in something each year, and it’s not just increasing at a relatively steady rate. There are three factors driving the explosion in AI. First: hardware. There are computers called GPUs. They were designed initially for gaming, but what we found was that they’re actually really good at doing complicated algorithmic work like deep learning and artificial intelligence. Second: open source frameworks. To engage in deep learning, if you were around ten years ago, and you wanted to deploy a neural net, you had to do a lot of it from scratch. And trust me when I say these are very hard to build from scratch. The good news is that Google decided to open source Tensorflow, there are packages like Caris and Caffe - there are probably a half dozen out there that I’ve displayed in the middle graph that aren’t only open source and widely available to every data science student out there, they’re growing. And then finally when we have hardware and software we still need people to be able to run those software packages on that hardware to derive results and interpret them. Once again we see this exponential growth curve on the right-hand side of the screen. That means that we’re seeing a relative doubling of data scientists almost every year."

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