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Insight Series: Why Bots Fail at Conversational Commerce

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Dr. Michael Housman of RapportBoost.AI explains why bots fail at conversational commerce.



We’re in the middle of a bot revolution. And we think it’s funny because everyone is bot crazy these days. Right now VC’s and the Venture Capital community are throwing a lot of money at artificial intelligence companies. And we think the technology isn’t quite there yet. For example, Facebook did some research on bot interactions, and what they found was that bots failed about 70% of the time out of the gate in their interactions with consumers. Now to be clear, we’re big fans of conversational commerce and we think that bots are going to take over in a major way. But we’re never going to reach the point where humans are completely engineered out of the process because a lot of these interactions are really challenging, and require a lot of EQ.

And ultimately, what we believe is that we can help humans with that EQ component by pairing them up with machines, and the two can learn from one another. Eventually when bots come on the scene, if we can help humans with their EQ, then there’s no question that we’ll be able to help bots with the same thing.

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