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Insight Series: Three P’s To Optimize Consumer Experience

Dr. Michael Housman of RapportBoost.AI discusses how to optimize consumer experience online by providing Predictive, Prescriptive, and Personalized recommendations.

There’s no question that artificial intelligence is going to be able to completely transform the consumer experience. And the way that’s going to happen is by virtue of the Three P’s: Predictive, Prescriptive, Personalized.

With Predictive it’s really about understanding the consumers needs and then offering up recommendations that suit them. So for example, when I was searching on Amazon for Cross-Fit goods, what it recommended were kits for torn and calloused hands.

With Prescriptive, it’s about anticipating the consumer’s needs before they even are aware of them. So for example, as I was searching for sushi restaurants on Google and I switched over to Google Maps, what were already highlighted in my neighborhood were sushi restaurants I might want to visit.

And finally with Personalized, it’s really about understanding the consumer and customizing their experience. So if I’m visiting Sephora’s website, it should know that I’m likely to be looking for shaving cream and face wash as opposed to makeup and eyeliner.

So when artificial intelligence can really nail down those three things, Prescriptive, Predictive and Personalized, it’s going to optimize consumer experience to keep them coming back to your brand, over and over.

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