Meet Maci™: The RapportBoost.AI Platform

Our unique AI uses machine learning and multivariate analysis to uncover the communication style that best connects your unique brand with your unique customers.

Why deploy AI?

We think AI is best thought of as Augmented Intelligence. Through deep learning, natural language processing, and multivariate analysis, we're able to analyze more variables and larger data sets than is humanly possible to help agents perform better at their jobs. By augmenting human intelligence, Maci™ helps live chat agents build better rapport with website visitors by coaching them on the behaviors that matter most. 

Machine Augmented Conversational Intelligence™ (Maci™) classifies, models, and analyzes every word, message, and conversation in a given data set across hundreds of dimensions. Maci™ then performs hundreds of thousands of simulations to derive and test the actions taken in live chat conversations that matter most to the KPI’s you choose, such as conversion rate, order size, retention, renewal, and customer satisfaction.

Let Maci™ help you communicate with your customers the right way, every time.

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Keeping the "Human-in-the-Loop"

Bots destroy brand equity. Instead, you can optimize live chat sales with augmented intelligence while keeping a human-in-the-loop to build rapport and protect your brand. Our AI-generated insights to the people that make a chat channel successful: coaches, team leaders, and individual live chat agents.

Don't entrust your brand identity to bots.

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Improving Agent and Customer Experience

Using Maci™ improves the rapport between your live chat agents and their customers by facilitating the best conversations possible. Your agents and customers will notice immediately, will be more engaged while being happier.

You provide the data and outcomes, and we deliver measurable gains.

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We'll help your chat team and individual agents boost conversions, revenue, and customer satisfaction.