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Artificial Intelligence Nonprofit, Humans For AI, To Hold First Los Angeles Event Wednesday

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Sales Leader, Dani Apgar, to serve as Executive Chair for organization seeking to build diverse workforce and leverage existing AI technologies
Los Angeles – November 9, 2017Artificial intelligence nonprofit, Humans For AI (H4AI), will hold its first event, a cocktail Artificial Intelligence Nonprofit RapportBoost.AIreception with a discussion of AI trends by Dr. Michael Housman of RapportBoost.AI, in Los Angeles this Wednesday.
As Executive Chair of H4AI, renowned enterprise artificial intelligence sales leader Dani Apgar will help direct the nonprofit that seeks to build the diverse workforce of the future by leveraging existing AI technologies.
“We want to create a community of leaders from all industries and all walks of life to shape how AI will phase into people’s lives and professions. We also want to broaden the pipeline of women and minorities currently in the field,” said Beena Ammanath, Co-Founder and CEO of artificial intelligence nonprofit, H4AI. “Dani brings incredible expertise not just in AI, but also as a business executive who champions diversity. We’re fortunate to have her take on this vital role!”
H4AI comprises more than 50 volunteers from a wide array of disciplines such as data science, business, engineering, retail, consulting, biotech, and education sectors. The goal is to demystify AI in all its complexity and to give access to everyone.
H4AI’s stated core values include the belief that humanity will shape the next economy, and that no profession, industry, or country will be immune to the effects of Artificial Intelligence.
“Dani is a force to be reckoned with in AI,” said Michael Housman Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist of RapportBoost.AI. “She will foster an environment that enables the workforce of the future to be more inclusive and AI-savvy through candid discussions and educational initiatives. We’re looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and assisting her in this important endeavor.”
“I’m very excited about the opportunity with H4AI as we empower young women, promote diversity and help demystify AI to showcase applications for good,” said Apgar. “As a boss lady who works in technology, I see so much promise in AI, but I also see a great deal of misconception surrounding the topic. As the industry develops, it promises to narrow the gap between those who have education and resources and those who don’t. I’m excited to play my part in this evolution.”
The artificial intelligence nonprofit event is sponsored by The Digital Foundation.
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About Dani Apgar
Dani Apgar has extensive experience in AI as Vice President of Sales at Persado for more than 3 years, Advisor to RapportBoost.AI, a Los Angeles based start-up that applies Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Conversational Commerce, and the Executive Chairperson of Humans for AI (H4AI).
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