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RapportBoosting Tip #10 – Amusing Language

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Hi everyone! Dani Apgar here with your RapportBoosting tip on Amusing Language.

A quick reminder that RapportBoosting tips are bits of wisdom gleaned from our platform analyzing millions of chat & SMS conversations for brands.

Expressing amusement is tricky but it can be a powerful way to softly break the ice between the agent and the visitor. When used correctly, it can quickly relax the visitor and open the door for deeper rapport building.

However, poorly timed or overexpression of amusing language can make visitors uncomfortable and feel as if THEY are the subject of your amusement.

Bottom line, be careful when you use amusing language.

Thank you for listening to this RapportBoosting tip. Until next time!

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David Oates

About David Oates

David Oates is a 20-year marketing and public relations veteran who holds extensive experience in developing as well as executing successful and measurable programs for a wide range of agency, high tech, corporate and government organizations. He is an accredited public relations (APR) expert affiliated with the Public Relations Society of America, and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for Operation Homefront, California as well as on the Board of Directors for Rotary Club of San Diego. David has worked with Tony since 2001 in numerous capacities such as a non profit Board supporting veterans. He received his MBA from San Diego State University’s Executive Program in 2004 and his bachelors of arts from the University of Maryland in 1991. David was named among the 2009 “40 under 40” list of top professionals by the San Diego Metropolitan.

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