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Agent Dashboard


Discover specific conversational attributes that drive success for your brand at the agent and conversation level. Our ongoing analysis helps your chat team leaders coach their teams objectively, providing agents with a solid foundation from which to improve performance.

The result? A reduction in training and management burden that lets your company build lasting customer relationships while realizing 20% to 100%+ lifts in revenue, conversion, order size, retention and customer satisfaction.

Adaptive Snippets


We use conversational science to develop the best templated snippets for your brand and your agents based on a multivariate analysis of what works best in your conversations. We realize that snippets are just a starting point for a conversation, and increasing the precision of your agents’ conversations helps them increase first contact resolution and generate more revenue.

Allow agents to handle more concurrent chats and better emotionally engage with customers by having snippets based on chat conversational science instead of outdated FAQs or canned email answers. Chat is a different language and we are here to help!

Transcript QA


Tired of selecting and reviewing chat transcripts manually to train your agents? We will do it for You!

Selecting the most relevant chat transcript to use as an example of a “teachable moment” can be time consuming, error prone and subject to agent-manager debate. Our platform does this automatically by understanding which actual conversation is the most relevant example to use in agent training for each agent and for each boost (aka conversational insight). Transcripts will be marked up in red or green, sort of like how a high school English teacher will mark up homework. We make training more automated, objective, efficient and fun.

Turn your contact center into a profit center with Sales Coach!

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