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We optimize live chat sales teams’ conversations with their customers to deliver a sustained lift to chat revenue, conversion rates, order size, and customer satisfaction while helping managers with training, quality assurance and team efficiency.


Our clients uncover the revenue potential of their live chat channel as coaches and individual agents drive toward gains.

Maci™, our Machine Augmented Conversational Intelligence™ AI platform, augments human performance by helping your live chat agents communicate more effectively with customers.


We boost the rapport between your brand and your website visitors for consistent, sustained impact to the performance indicators that matter most.



A detailed custom conversational sales and service guide for your brand that will deliver immediate impact to your most important contact center KPIs


We load your chat data onto Maci™ and deliver a custom set of recommendations for your contact center team. RapportRoadMap™ provides insights you can implement immediately, including recommendations for keywords, optimal response time, message format, length, frequency, punctuation and capitalization. We help you architect more emotionally intelligent conversations that drive engagement, retention, conversion and your most important KPIs. RapportBoost customers realize 20% to 100%+ lifts in revenue, conversion, and customer satisfaction.



Use RapportCoach™ to train your agents. It's awesome, objective, based on your unique brand vision and conversation goals and FUN!


Chat agent and contact center managers use RapportCoach™ to analyze conversations that take place between agents and customers. It's like Google Analytics, but easier and more fun. We deliver continuing analyses of the specific conversational attributes that drive success for your brand at the agent and conversation level. Our ongoing analysis helps your chat team leaders coach their teams objectively, providing agents with a solid foundation from which to improve performance. The result? A reduction in training and management burden that lets your company build lasting customer relationships while maximizing revenue, conversion, order size, retention and customer satisfaction gains. Simply show your agents their weekly Agent Performance page and watch their performance improve!

"It's not like they have less needs, it's just that something has happened over the last couple of years where people just don't like to call people anymore."

- Caesars Entertainment

Why optimize live chat now?

Anyone who’s texted with friends, used dating apps, or engaged with customers online knows how difficult it can be to communicate. Live chat optimization recovers the emotion, nuances, and context that get left out of digital, text-based communication.


Conversational commerce is the next generation of retail


Millennials #1 preferred method of purchase is chat (Mary Meeker, 2017)


True omnichannel must execute chat & diverse channels well


Online brands that implement chat well grow market share


Optimizing conversations is key to engagement & adoption

Supercharge your agents with accurate, brand and customer-specific conversations