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RapportBoost’s AI-Powered Chat Optimization & Training Services

RapportBoost.AI optimizes live chat to deliver dramatic and sustained impact to its clients’ Key Performance Indicators. Using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning, RapportBoost.AI helps clients uncover their chat potential and coaches their chat sales teams to drive toward potential gains.

RapportBoost.AI live chat optimization products increase performance metrics including:

  • Revenue
  • Conversions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Order size
  • Net promoter score
  • Customer retention


RapportRoadMap™ is a custom built set of insights to enhance your live chat service – from agent coaching to real-time chat agent behavior – for 20% lifts in revenue and more. Set your live chat service in motion with actionable insights that deliver.

Our team of data scientists use proprietary machine learning algorithms to perform multivariate analyses of our customer’s live chat communications. Put simply: RapportBoost.AI uses your chat data to draft a no-strings-attached map to revenue opportunities.

RapportRoadMap™ provides insights that your live chat service can implement immediately, including recommendations for keywords; message format, length, and frequency; punctuation and capitalization; and emotionally intelligent language. RapportRoadMap™ insights help your company reach its goals through chat communication – whether that means boosting customer satisfaction, lifting order size, or maximizing revenue.


RapportCoach™ is an ongoing partnership between RapportBoost.AI and its clients’ live chat personnel. RapportBoost.AI coaches your live chat facilitator, team, and individual agents to drive towards key performance indicators. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, our team of data scientists and business analysts continually track your live chat data, and deliver the most relevant and effective coaching points to your team.

The result of our teamwork? A reduction in training and management burden that let’s your company reach its biggest gains.


Optimization through data science is the core of RapportBoost.AI. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning platform runs multivariate analyses on our client’s live chat data to (1) uncover actions that have the biggest impact and (2) coach chat teams to effectively implement these actions.

As our machine learning algorithms learn more detail about your company metrics and chat data, they deliver objective, actionable insights about what resonates most with your customers. Through precise inference, we deliver great impact.

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