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Our products improve the experience of live chat for agents, customers, and the brands that connect them.

"Deploying their augmented intelligence was smooth, its guidance precise, and
the immediate impact on measurable success, breathtaking."

- Heidi Rote

Director of North America Sales Center
Jenny Craig USA

“Live chat provides the best of all worlds because you have quicker and more digital interactions, accountability because people trust chat as a channel where things will get resolved, and they trust that you’re talking to a live person.”

Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director, Customer Management Practice

“Just had an awesome meeting with @DaniApgar and @TMedrano2 at @RapportBoost – wow I wish RapportBoost was a thing when I was doing #quality assurance as it’s a total #CX gamechanger! Recommend you take a look if you’re having #quality or #training struggles in your contact center 👍”

Kaye Chapman, Customer Experience and Training Specialist, Comm100

“At BP I worked with Tony & Team on a really exciting initiative to take intelligence mobile and to put ‘just in time’, authoritative intel in employees hands – worldwide – via a mobile app that we delivered containing high-quality news and events feeds, analyst insights, emerging technology topic coverage and more! As we look to the future we see real potential for AI and machine learning in taking our business intelligence offer to the next level – we have a vision of an intelligent assistant joining my intelligence team and contributing to the insights that we generate – plus enabling us to focus our human talent where it is best deployed to maximise value.”

Angela McKane, BP Technology Intelligence Lead

“If a good chat platform is the nuts and bolts of live chat communication, then RapportBoost.AI is the heart and soul. Our agents love working with RapportBoost.AI. Our brand is too valuable to trust conversations to a chatbot.”

Heidi Rote
Director of North America Sales Center

“Cutting-edge contact centers that use live chat should incorporate RapportBoost.AI to improve their levels of engagement, customer satisfaction and acquisition.

Heidi Rote
Director of North America Sales Center

“Working with RapportBoost.AI is one of the most innovative things we have done in the ten years I have been a sales leader at Jenny Craig. It is definitely a game changer.”


Heidi Rote
Director of North America Sales Center

“When we first launched our chat and social support channels, we saw very little cannibalization of other channels indicating that we had been missing out on a whole segment of customers and prospects.”

Dean Shaw
Customer Experience Analytics & Program Manager

“Emotional intelligence in customer interactions matters. The actions RapportBoost.AI delivered were exactly the type of objective feedback we were looking for. Our partnership has led to a better experience for our customers. RapportBoost.AI is our secret weapon!”

Multimillion-dollar Online Brand

“Our revenue is up 30% YoY. RapportBoost.AI’s platform helped us achieve this lift by helping our leaders train our customer service team in the nuances of chat best practices as they relate to our brand and this new channel for customer acquisition and support. We handle more chats now, plus both our customers and agents are happier.”

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