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CEO Tony Medrano on Chat Agent Coaching at Shoptalk 2018

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At Shoptalk 2018, RapportBoost.AI had an awesome time discussing chat agent coaching with key players in the customer experience and digital marketing space. In this video, customer experience pioneer and thought leader, Bryan Eisenberg, interviews Tony Medrano, CEO and Co-founder of RapportBoost.AI, about optimizing short-form communication.



Transcript: BE: Hi everyone, this is Bryan Eisenberg and I’m at Shoptalk speaking with Tony Medrano of RapportBoost.AI – a very interesting company. I’m going to let him tell you a little bit about what it does.

TM: Nice to meet you. RapportBoost optimizes live chat agent conversations using artificial intelligence. We reverse engineer the optimal outcome based on brand attributes and then help live chat agents build better rapport with their visitors on the website to ultimately convert more, drive average order size, and increase customer service. The most recent customer that we started talking about was Jenny Craig, where we increased their conversion rate by about 2x – not 2% – 2x. We made their agents happier, their customers happier, and increased their operational capacity as well. So we do that by training live agents, not by replacing them with bots or technology. We help humans perform better instead.

BE: So what I love about your company is that you’ll go through all the chat logs the chat agents have and you’ll be able to say are they speaking the right language, are they speaking too formally, informally, are they leading with what people expect from the brands, and you can see the results.

TM: Exactly. We analyze thousands of variables and look at nuances that only machine learning can uncover, and brands often have outdated assumptions and outdated communication styles that are based on email or voice communication. So we focus only on chat and short-form communication. Our co-founder and Chief Data Scientist is a professor of artificial intelligence who focused on short-form communication for years, so that’s where the IP was derived from.

Better short-form communication means an improved experience for your chat agents and customers. To learn more about our chat agent coaching solutions, contact us today!


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