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Artificial Intelligence Optimization for Live Chat

The smartest way to boost sales for brands who sell online.

Brand voice and customer relationships are too important to be left to chance.

Our live chat agent training solutions use machine learning and deep conversational analysis to help guide your human customer success and chat sales teams, so they can build stronger connections with customers.

We’ve analyzed millions of chat conversations, including tone, language, and personality to give our AI high emotional intelligence. Our AI will assist your live chat sales team during their interactions with visitors and help management train new agents, improve conversion rates and increase order size.

We bring emotional intelligence to artificial intelligence. Contact us to learn more about the live chat agent training solutions from the team at RapportBoost.

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93% of communication is nonverbal

The subtleties of communication are difficult to convey when customers and agents can only express themselves through a keyboard.

Tone of voice, mood, even body language matter immensely. Anyone who’s texted with friends, used online dating sites, or communicated with customers via web chat knows how difficult it can be to communicate nuances and subtext through text alone.

We believe the solution for conversational commerce is a combination of both human plus machine, or “human in the loop”.

Our artificial intelligence technology spots hard-to-notice language subtleties and makes recommendations to your team, based on machine learning and a vast library of live chat conversations. Try our live chat agent training solutions.

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Help your live chat team build better relationships

E-commerce Company


"Our revenue is up 30% YoY. RapportBoost's analysis let us reach this goal by fueling and retraining our existing chat sales team and new hires."

Multi-million Dollar Online Brand


"Emotional intelligence in customer interactions matters. The actions RapportBoost.AI delivered were exactly the type of objective feedback we were looking for. Our partnership has led to a better experience for our customers. RapportBoost.AI is our secret weapon!"

Joe Golden, CEO,


"In just three months, we saw measurable gains in revenue, customer satisfaction and conversions. We are excited to continue our partnership with RapportBoost.AI to realize the full potential of our chat channel."

We offer seamless integration with your existing live chat software


 Contact us now to find out more about our live chat agent training solutions. Don’t see your favorite chat platform on our list? Just drop us a line, we’re here to help.

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