"Deploying their augmented intelligence was smooth, its guidance precise, and
the immediate impact on measurable success, breathtaking."

- Heidi Rote

Director of North America Sales Center
Jenny Craig USA

Optimize Your Live Chat Channel with Augmented Intelligence

Use Maci™ (Machine Augmented Conversational Intelligence™) to optimize the conversations
your live chat agents are having with customers. Your conversion rate,
customer satisfaction, and team morale will quickly and dramatically improve.

Chat Agents Benefit from Precision Coaching and QA

Our products help chat agent supervisors and trainers manage their teams. We help professionals provide consistent, objective feedback, helping them to train their live chat agents without the hassle of manual transcript review.

Language Is Your Most Powerful Customer Acquisition Tool

Using chat-specific language and techniques that uniquely resonate in conversations between your brand and your customer base has a huge impact on engagement levels, customer acquisition, retention, and revenue.

We Deliver Results

Within three months of implementing RapportBoost.AI's solutions, our first e-commerce client achieved a sustained 7% conversion rate lift, a 7% order size lift and an increase in live chat customer satisfaction - all without technical integration. We can help you achieve all that and more for your brand.

We offer seamless integration with your existing live chat software

Don't see your favorite chat platform on the list? Drop us a line - we're here to help!

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